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Mr. B - 23 minutes workout DVD's
Our Policy Guarantee

If Ready 123 does not prove to be one of the best DVD's on the market for quick weight loss and toning, improved cardio, speed and agility within 5 days of workout, just pack it up and return it to us and we will give you back a full refund no question asked.

Note: Returns must be in good condition in original DVD case for returns to be accepted.
"So far! 0 returns!"
No other companies will give you this offer. We want you fit more than wanting your money. If you are happy, we are happy and get more customers.
Who needs muscle mass to look good. Body toning is beautiful and more natural. Forget about hard strenuous workouts or long hours at a gym. Forget about having a partner to encourage you. I'll be your partner and encourage you all the way with rocking music and challenging moves and steps to make you sweat, puff and smile while enjoying a brand new way to tone and lose the weight you thought so hard to lose before.

At 68, I encourage older and younger folks to build health, heart and limbs to live longer by doing the things you once wanted to do as the energy will surge through your fit body from using my work out.

Our users once used a major workout DVD until trying ours. Now they smile and tell us how great and much better ours are to theirs. It's not how professional made it is, but the RESULTS IT GIVES!