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Many have asked what I eat to lose my quick weight. Well, here it is

Since I stress an 1800 calorie diet, I look for things with low calorie, or no calorie. No or very low salt. preferably salt substitutes. No fats or very low  fat, 0 calorie.  Very low carbohydrate foods are my choices.

One thing to start doing is counting calories. This way you won't have to worry about any thing but sweets. Sweets are very bad as well as high grams of salt.  Some sweets are eaten. Eat your favorite candy or cake in small sections. Remember, sweets are not your friend. You may work out hard but find your weight remaining the same or gradually increasing.

Choose drinks with 0 calorie and 0 fats. et use to the tast of these type of drinks. I drink  beverage tasting water with 0 calories like mango, mandarin, tropical, peach drinks and etc. Diet drinks or sodas contain Aspartame sweetner, and though not as bad a non diet drinks, they do allow this low calorie sweetner to remain in the body and can add to weight gain because this type of artificial sweetner does not past through the body, however, sweetners like Surcalose, Splenda and other are great substitutes because this type of sugar is pasted out through urine and not retained in the body. 

Eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables. Snack on grapes and other fruits to replace your sweet tooth. Nuts like almonds and brazile nut are very good. Eat only about 4 of these a day. They are good for your body and digestive system because of their fiber. razile nits are much better than almonds for digestive sake.You be the judge.

Remember this! Almonds and nuts nuts are loaded with fats, so if you eat them like me, then you better work out every day twice a day like I do. And I mean hard.

Also, forget about eating white bread. Eat whole wheat and or grain. It's better for you with less calories. 50 calorie wheat grain bread is what I eat with a slice of spam some time..

Let's get back to counting calories. 

For every thing you eat you need to count calories the best you can being mindful of your food. Staying within a chosen calorie count can allow you to eat some of the things you crave for like sweets, nuts and other foods. But until you reach you target I suggest you lay low on all foods keeping your calorie count around 1800. If you can do 1500 calorie is even better.

Here's a good daily formula to use to lose 15  or more pounds in less than 60 days along with my 23 minutes workout:

             If you have to go to work - 1 2 minutes of workout or 23 minutes -Your chose. 
                                      Eat 600 calories or less your choice
                                     We tend to eat and drink more during this period.

                                                         450 calories
                     Eat less preparing for evening meals and night time enjoyments.
                                                         600 calories
                                               Full 23 minutes workout
                                    Workout before you eat or after. Spread out your eating times .
                         remaining 150 can be for snacks through the night.

  Here is what I eat on most mornings. you may want something else, this works for me.

                             Two slices of whole wheat bread (50 calories per slice = 100
                             Two slices of smoked turkey (30 calories per slice = 60 calories)
                             Two slices of tomatoes (0 calories)
                             Lettuce (0 calories)
                             Ranch dressing ( 2 tbsp = (30 calories)
                             Mustard  ( 0 calories)
                             Total calories = 190 calories  -you can eat two of these guys.

You may also eat a bowl of whole wheat fiber 300 calories with whole milk not that skim stuff.

or two whole wheat slices (100 calories) , two turkey slices (60 calories), One egg (60 calories)
ranch dressing (30 calories) tomatoes, and lettuce. This is a big sandwich and full filling. Total calories= 250 calories.

I eat between lunch also which time I focus on eating no more than 450 calories at lunch. For supper I eat bake chicken and a small amount of my favorite beans. Mostly any thing I want including fruits and vegetables as long as I do not go over my calorie count.

One thing I like about my exercise DVD is that even if you go over a little it will not make any different to your weight loss as long as you stay between1800 calories and do your ready up 123  do it exercises at least once or twice a day for the full 23 minutes.

Focus on your 1800 calorie count and stay with it. Do other exercises like stretches to loosen up your ham strin and musclesl Choose a target goal and go for it. I'm offering you one of the best exercise workout video on the market to help you achieve your goal. Now, READY UP 123 DO IT!

Mr. B.

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